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Leah Casey

Fitness & Nutrition Coach PXM Wellness Director



NCI Nutrition Level 1

About Coach

I grew up with a big family in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. Growing up, my parents put a big emphasis on staying active - I did Ballet and Softball for a long time, ran Cross Country in high school, and tried my hand at Track and Rugby. I studied Studio Arts and Psychology at Ohio Northern University, where I also got my first taste of CrossFit in 2013 through a student-led organization called PolarFit. I later became a student coach and event organizer for this club and spent most nights getting kicked out of the weight room when the custodian needed to lock up for the night!

Turning Point

I came to Chicago in 2017 to pursue my Masters in Counseling and Art Therapy. The big move and challenges of my program wreaked havoc on my mental health. At one point, my "homework" with my therapist at the time was to check out a CrossFit gym. I started at Primary in Uptown, but migrated to PXM about a month after they opened in 2018. The community and emphasis on taking care of my body created positive changes in all parts of my life, and greatly improved my mental health. After graduating, I realized I could make a bigger impact in preventative mental and whole body health through coaching fitness and nutrition.

Motivation & Specialty

My main coaching goal is to empower our members with the knowledge and tools to create healthy, happy, well-rounded lives. We face sky-high rates of depression, anxiety, metabolic syndrome, and so many other preventable ailments when many of these issues boil down to understanding what our body and minds needs to thrive. PXM has given me the platform to continue on that mission through coaching, checking in with athletes that need a little extra support with our accountability program, and teaching members how to enhance their lives with better nutrition.

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