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Joey Grant

Art Director


Bachelor of Arts | NEIU • Graphic Design and Fabrication

About Coach

My experience spans from grassroots nonprofits, to retail marketing and branding. I have collaborated with numerous local businesses, activists and local artist to create a multitude of projects. I have explored every medium, from podcasting to video, print, digital and social media. My work is considerate, playful and evolving. Along with PXM stakeholders, I’ve created the PXM Brand. The brand continues to grow and is translated in everything we do from the physical space to the shirts on our backs. It's a vibe, its community, it’s bad-ass, and it’s FAM!

Turning Point

I was first an athlete then a team member. I started this fitness journey cause I felt stuck and was in a very transitional time of my life. I became very involved in the community aspect and that resulted in forming the partnership of becoming the Art Director at PXM. And it all started with a logo and running into Senad at a local coffee shop!

Motivation & Specialty

I want the members to recognize and comprehend our brand. I want them to be informed and impressed with the quality of media and design we offer. Besides the visual identity we want to offer quality apparel and accessories that is compete with the wear and tear of being an athlete. As PXM expands its programming, so does its engagement through content and media. There is so many exciting projects the design team will continue to offer digitally and in-person.

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