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Christine Bowman (Coach Chris)

Form & Function Coach

Fun Fact!

I was a cheerleader for multiple sports from 7th grade-12th grade (football, basketball and wrestling) - wrestling was my fav sport to cheer for!


Certified NASM CPT


IL Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, National University of Health Sciences

IL Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist

About Coach

I've had a few careers in my journey so far, each one building on the previous foundation: business and systems administrator, doctor of chiropractic, spinning class coach, personal organizer and of course, a CrossFit coach. I obtained the latter in 2015 after falling in love at my first burpees and air squats when I joined EWCF in 2013. In 2019, I decided to go back to school to focus on the soft tissue manual therapy I enjoyed so much, and become a licensed clinical massage therapist. I currently focus on teaching the Form & Function classes and seeing clients for my clinical massage therapy work. I'm so grateful to be able to do work I truly enjoy and help people reach their goals in the process!

Turning Point

I've had an intense interest in fitness since the day I first started lifting weights in high school to prepare for high jump. I loved it and still do! The feeling of lifting weights and working out was the reward in and of itself! When I started hearing all about CrossFit in 2013 through podcasts and videos, I decided I wanted to get out of my "comfort zone", that I eventually became a coach! As an older athlete with some ongoing metabolic and hormonal health issues, I've had to completely reinvent what training and fitness means for me. The journey has been winding and challenging, but I'm glad for every step I've taken on that path.

Motivation & Specialty

My area of expertise and passion is working with newer or older athletes who might need more guidance in feeling comfortable and successful with movements and skills. I really enjoy the nuance involved in helping people gain mastery over their movement patterns and helping them succeed. Fitness and skilled body control have long lasting positive effects on the our lives way beyond the doors of the gym.

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