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Charles Rubert (Dr. Mocha)

Assistant to the General Manager and Social Media Director

Fun Fact!

In 2017, I was part of a Ragnar Relay team where we ran for day and half non-stop from Madison, Wisconsin to Montrose Beach! For somebody who dislikes running, this was one of the most fun, yet challenging things I've ever done!


No certifications yet, but I hope to get a CF L1 in the future! I just spend too much time on IG, which led me to be part of the social media team at PXM!

About Coach

I'm originally from Puerto Rico and moved to the US in 2008 to obtain my PhD in Organic Chemistry at Purdue University. While in IN, I got introduced to CrossFit by doing garage workouts with a good friend of mine. When I moved to Chicago in 2012, I was able to join an official CF gym. During the past 8 years, I’ve enjoyed varying my fitness goals, which have included working on my Olympic lifts, muscle building, improving on my gymnastics skills, developing leg strength and many more! Something I love about CF is the multiple things you can focus on that keep your training challenging, variable and never boring!

Turning Point

During in college, I used to be part of a dancing team that performed at local events and competitions all throughout PR. When I left the team to pursue my career in science, I found myself missing the community, the adrenaline and the sweat sessions during rehearsals. In order to get my sweat on, I turned to lifting! Lifting at a regular gym helped me gain a lot of muscle, but one of the downside was that I wasn’t lifting with proper form most of the time. I finally learned how to properly lift when I joined a CF gym! In addition, I found an encouraging and relatable community that I was missing from my dancing days! This is one of the biggest reasons that keeps me motivated to get to the gym and keep me working hard on my goals!

Motivation & Specialty

The diversity of movements you can learn in CF has lead me learn many skills that I would never thought I could do in my life. My current goals is to keep getting more skillful in gymnastic movements and improve my form and strength on all of the barbell lifts. As a Staff at PXM, I hope to engage with members and offer support and encouragement to help them achieve their fitness goals, the same way the coaches and the community has done and continues to do for me!

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