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Ben Owen

PXM Co-Owner, CFO, General Manager

Fun Fact!

I am obsessed with everything Christmas and will probably be served a restraining order any day from Megan Thee Stallion (super fan).


I have no CrossFit certs ... That's why I keep my partner's in crime close.


I am behind-the-scenes ops

About Coach

I grew up in central IL and was not much of an active child or young adult, avoiding sports and gym class. I was much more academically inclined than physically. After getting my BS in Chemistry, I went on to Purdue University where I received my PhD in analytical chemistry and became forever intrenched with the science of mass spectrometry. I started CrossFit in 2015 out of a desire to challenge myself in a way I had never experienced and it became an integral part of my life.

Turning Point

Being not very active my entire life and having the family genetics of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease etc ... the list goes on ... I started to see some physical and metabolic changes in my body that were like looking down a tunnel and seeing the diabetes (etc) train coming, and I wanted to take back control. My partner was an active in CrossFit, and I decided to give it a shot. Since then, I haven't looked back and enjoyed the ride through all the ups and downs. Though my least favorite down would definitely be suffering a non-CrossFit related injury that broke both of my feet and put me out entirely for 6+ months in late 2017- early 2018 ... but what is great about for me CrossFit is the individual journey that it is. I am only measured by my own performance, and though it is frustrating at times, I now get to work on new PR and beating myself all over again. (I'm coming for you old Snatch and Clean #s).

Motivation & Specialty

My primary source of passion and motivation for doing CrossFit and owning a CrossFit gym is highly community and self-esteem centric. I want to share this with all our members and potential members, because of what CrossFit has done and meant for me. CrossFit was game changing to my self-esteem and confidence. I am quite the competitive and motivated person. CrossFit lets me exercise this portion of my psyche daily and have trackable success at every turn, boosting my self-esteem/worth and confidence (which has always been a struggle for me). Second, is the community. I LOVE our community at PXM CrossFit, and a good chunk of my friend circle and best friends come from this community. All of us owners take pride in fostering and growing our community at PXM and make it one of our top priorities in anything we do and any decision we make. Doing CrossFit is more than about working out and getting a good sweat in ... it is about finding a place to belong, be accountable and be the best YOU you can be. This is why I will always do CrossFit, and why I am especially honored to be helping to lead PXM.

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